A&BA Group is a company specialized in the fields of audit, tax, advisory and accounting services.
Focusing on domestic and European clients, our expertise covers various sectors such as trade sector, manufacturing, natural resources, energy, petroleum, telecom and IT not-for-profitand charity, to name just a few.
We are licenced by the Council for Advancement and Oversight of Audit in Republic of Macedonia and member of the Institute of Certified Auditors of the Republic of Macedonia - the Institute is member of IFAC as of 14 November 2013.
We are full member of the MGI Worldwide global accounting network, which is one of the top 20 international network of audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms in the world.


Why A&BA Group?

We are based in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. As our country borders Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania, A&BA Group is well placed to advise clients on accountancy matters throughout Europe.
We are focused on developing close business relationship with our clients offering them personal support at partner level.
We essentially understand the highs and lows our clients can face.
Having vast experience in working with family businesses, entrepreneurs, fast-growing companies as well as big companies, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality professional services to our clients and business partners, always with due care and a highest level of professional integrity.
By combining technology, methodology and knowledge of the highest level we provide diverse and high-quality services to our clients. Bringing together human, technical and organisational resources enables us to provide audit, accountancy, valuations, tax and advisory services to the modern business.
We always consider each client’s particular needs and strives to bring value to their business.


Our MGI Worldwide membership

Since December 2017, A&BA Group is a member firm of the MGI Worldwide global accounting network, within the MGI Europe region. For more than 70 years, MGI Worldwide member firms have formed close relationships based on loyalty, respect and shared experience. Our membership means that we can provide global knowledge and expertise to our clients but with a personal touch.
Successful business nowadays seeks for entrepreneurial approach either from owners or professional managers. Therefore, clients work with someone who understands not only their business but their strive to succeed.
A&BA Group as well as a large portion of MGI Worldwide members are entrepreneurs themselves, but highly skilled auditors, tax advisers, accountants and consultants as well. This is just a confirmation that we share the same concerns as many of our clients and know what your business means to you.



Partners of member firms of MGI Worldwide look after their clients personally. In the networkwe build close friendships with each other based on loyalty, respect and shared experience.We offer the personal touch not found in large firms.


MGI Worldwide members are mid-sized, owner managed firms. We share the same day-to-daybusiness challenges as our clients and truly know what it means to be entrepreneurial.We understand your business and your aspirations, not just your accounts.


MGI Worldwide is in every continent and just about every key economic centre in the world.Today we have members in 82 countries but tomorrow it may be more. However complexa client requirement, someone in MGI will have the expertise to help.

For more information on MGI Worldwide visit www.mgiworld.com


Transparency reports

We believe that being open and honest regarding our performance brings the trust between us and our clients to another - higher level.
By being transparent we would like to show our gratitude to all our clients that trusted us and our capabilities to help them and bring additional value to their businesses.
Therefore, and in accordance with article 35 of the local Audit Law, A&BA Group publishes the following Transparency Reports:

Transparency report for 2017 

Transparency report for 2018

Transparency report for 2019

Transparency report for 2020

Transparency report for 2021

Transparency report for 2022




address: Str.”1661” Nr.9-50
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Phone: +389 2 6140 901
e-mail: contact@a-ba.mk
web: www.a-ba.mk

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A&BA Group is a company specialized in the fields of audit, tax, advisory and accounting services.




MGI Worldwide is a network of independent audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms.

MGI Worldwide does not provide any services and its member firms are not an internationalpartnership. Each member firm is a separate entity and neither MGI Worldwide nor anymember firm accepts responsibility for the activities, work, opinions or services of any othermember firm.

For more information visit www.mgiworld.com/legal